Enterprises that have not complied with the Committee’s decisions


The trader has 30 days to comply with the Committee’s decision starting from the next day it was published on the Consumer Protection Board’s website. Undertakings that have not complied with the Committee’s decision in time and have not notified the Consumer Protection Board of addressing the court for hearing the same case will be added to the list of traders who do not comply with the Committee’s decision. 

Read more about how the Committee’s makes a decision and complying with it HERE.

Decisions related to the enterprises that have been added to the list can be found in the Consumer Protection Board’s Consumer Service Environment. Enter a date or a time period to find a decision. Decisions can be searched for by decision number, enterprise name or keyword.

If the decision has been complied with, the undertaking must notify the Consumer Disputes Committee thereof by sending an e-mail to avaldus [at] komisjon [dot] ee. The trader will be deleted from the list if they nevertheless comply with the Committee’s decision after being added to the list or if they have been added more that 12 months ago.