Submit a complaint to the Committee

Submit a complaint to the Committee if you have already turned to the trader in a written form but:
  • have not received a reply or if you 
  • do not agree with the solution offered by the trader.
If you cannot come to an agreement with the trader and you decide to submit a complaint to the Consumer Disputes Committee, make sure the following can be found on the complaint:
  1. your name, address and other contact details;
  2. business name and place of the trader;
  3. the subject of the complaint and your clearly stated claim (desired outcome) along with your reasonings;
  4. your confirmation of the fact that this complaint is not being resolved by another designated body or the dispute is not being or has not been processed previously by the court;
  5. confirmation of you having turned to the trader previously.

It must be noted on the complaint that it is being submitted to the Consumer Dispute Committee. The complaint must be signed digitally or by a handwritten signature.

Make sure to add copies of all documents relating to the dispute and your claim, including:
  • proof of purchase or singing the contract (contract, order confirmation, photos, proof of documents of warranty against defects or contractor’s guarantee);
  • proof of payment with the name of the payer visible, if possible;
  • the entire correspondence related to the dispute;
  • other documents related to the dispute, for example, the contract, order confirmation, guarantee documents, photos etc.

Consumer Disputes Committee resolves disputes in a written proceeding which means the Committee will resolve the case based on the submitted documents. If you, however, request oral hearing of the matter, this must be clearly stated on the application. When deciding upon an oral proceeding, take into account that you have to be present at the Committee’s hearing.

The complaint to the Consumer Dispute Committee can be submitted digitally

The complaint will not be processed or the proceeding will be terminated if:
  • you have not submitted your complaint to the trader;
  • you do not rectify the deficiencies of the complaint, which are pointed out to by an official;
  • the same dispute between you and the undertaking is being or has been processed by the court;
  • a bankruptcy or liquidation proceeding has been commenced against the undertaking;
  • you do not have the right the submit a claim against the trader (for example, if you have not signed the contract yourself and the signee does not authorise you to act as a representative);
  • your claim is unreasonable (for example, if the trader offers to replace an item with something else because they cannot offer the same item or they are willing to return the money but the consumer does not agree with the proposed solution);
  • resolving the dispute is not possible without thorough investigation and questioning of witnesses.

If you disagree with the Committee’s decision, you may turn to a county court. The other party may do the same.

Resolving disputes by the Consumer Disputes Committee is free of charge.