Additional services available for ordering

These days a mobile phone is not a device meant merely for calling and exchanging text messages, e.g. it is also a great tool for surfing the web. Mobile companies have created various environments for their phones, from which you can download games, ringtones, music, videos and apps (e.g. locators of speed cameras and shops).

Signing up to use these kinds of environments is usually free, but some of the services on offer may be charged. For example, the scheme where beginner levels are free but a certain sum of money is required after reaching a set level is rather common.

Charged services usually have a corresponding marking, some environments put charged services in a separate category. Additionally, most downloading environments require that you enter the code of your credit card before registering, and you have to confirm all your payments, which decreases the risk of ordering something accidentally.

Make sure that your phone does not log into downloading environments automatically. As the service provider already has the data that was entered when logging in, and this will not be asked to be entered again when downloading a service while already logged in, it may happen that a child downloads a service to the phone. In the case of a charged service, the corresponding sum will be deducted from your credit card.

Prior to signing up for a membership of environments that offer additional services and applications for mobiles

  • be sure to get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the service;
  • distinguish services that are free from service that are charged;
  • in the case of services that are free of charge, pay attention to whether you can use the service for free to its full extent or whether you will have to start paying for it later on.
  • If the phone is used by a child, avoid automatic connection of credit card information with transactions that are conducted via the phone, lest you wish to receive a shocking surprise. This will also lower the risk of data infringement.
  • Monitor the setting on your phone concerning how long after entering the password can one conduct purchase transactions on the phone. The automatic password expiration period is often 15 minutes, during which a child might accidentally order additional services after you have entered the password.