Buying a home

If you are planning to purchase a home, take adequate time to consider your needs and financial means. The easiest way to find a suitable home is to use the help of various real estate portals.

If you are planning to buy an apartment, find out:

  • whether the seller is the owner of the apartment in question and what is the form of ownership over the apartment to be purchased;
  • whether there is an apartment association in the house (you can turn to them to ask whether the apartment to be purchased has any arrears);
  • whether the apartment is free of any tenants or forced tenants;
  • how big are the utility bills.

If you have found a suitable home and wish to finance your purchase with a home loan, be sure to do sufficient preparatory work and get loan offers from several banks.

In order to buy a home, you have to sign a sale and purchase agreement at a notary (this applies for buying a home both with a loan and without a loan). The notary will prepare the agreement and check the information that is necessary for attesting the transaction. The notary shall submit an application and necessary documents to the land register for the transfer of ownership. You will become the owner of the immovable after a corresponding entry has been made to the land register.

Prior to entering into a contract, you and the seller should agree on who will pay for the notary’s fee, when and in how many instalments you will be paying the sales sum. The delivery date of the property should also be fixed.

It is wise to use the notarial deposit option for the sale and purchase transaction if you do not need a home loan for purchasing the property. As a buyer, you shall transfer the agreed sum to the notary’s deposit account by the day of signing the contract at the latest, and the notary will forward this money to the seller’s account within three working days after the transaction

  • Do not transfer the money to the seller’s account prior to the transaction. This way you will protect yourself from losing the money in the case of a potential cancellation of the transaction.