Chemicals and home care products

Nearly all of us come into contact with chemicals every day in the form of household chemicals.

A chemical is a substance of mixture of two substances that is either natural or has been manufactured.

According to the Chemicals Act, a dangerous chemical is a chemical that can harm your health, environment or possessions due to its characteristics. A chemical may be explosive, flammable, toxic or corrosive.

Household chemicals refer to complex chemical substances that are used for household chores: washing, cleaning and maintenance products; antimicrobial, antiparasitic and mood enhancing products of household chemicals.

The packaging of a chemical must be durable and ensure safe handling of the chemical.

The packaging of a chemical must include a marking. The marking has to be in Estonian, either on the package of the product or on a label that is on the package; it has to be resistant to wear and clearly readable.

The marking on the packaging of a dangerous chemical shall contain the following information:
trade name of the chemical, ingredient names, name of the manufacturer or importer, address; danger symbol; risk description; safety requirements; amount of the chemical.

For the safe use of products that include chemicals, be sure to get acquainted with the description on the product packaging and follow the instructions provided on it.

Dimethyl fumarate
One of the chemicals that may damage your health is dimethyl fumarate (DMF), you should know the following about it.
Manufacturers use DMF to prevent mold that can harm leather furniture and footwear during storage and delivery in a humid climate.  DMF is usually packaged in small packets that are placed inside furniture or added to footwear boxes.
DMF that has percolated into leather can reach your skin through clothes and cause painful dermatitis and various other allergic reactions.
Selling products that contain DMF is prohibited in the European Union. Products or their parts cannot contain more DMF than 0.1 milligrams per kilogram.
  • A dangerous chemical is safe as long as it is packaged in a closed container that complies with requirements.
  • If an accident occurs in relation to using household chemicals or other products that contain chemicals, you can get help by calling the poison information centre at 16662.