Construction and repair services

Most people do not have the skills to do all their repair works on their own, not to mention major construction works; time constraints may also become an obstacle. The solution here is to order the necessary construction and repair services by adhering to the following advice.

Research the company. In the field of construction and repair services, most problems occur with smaller companies, who usually charge less than the average market price for their services, but who often lack the necessary knowhow and capacity to provide high-quality services.

Compare prices and conditions. In order to avoid problems, get offers from two companies and compare their conditions.

Sign an accurate contract. When you have chosen the service provider, be sure to sign a contract in written form. Ensure that all contract clauses are unambiguously understandable to both Parties. Not having a contract would mean that potential future problems are tricky, if not impossible, to solve and the only solution would be to turn to a court.

The contract should definitely include the name of the seller, registry or personal identification code, mail address and numbers of means of communication, the date of placing an order, the date of execution of order, list of works agreed upon and their prices. The contract should also include information on how to proceed should the agreement is not honoured (e.g. contractual penalty, compensatory interest).

Should the execution of the order require additional expenses due to circumstances that are not dependent on the service provider, the service provider is obliged to notify the contracting entity of said expenses. The company does not have a right to demand an additional fee if the contracting party has not provided written consent for the additional works.

Be attentive during the time of the repair and construction works. When you notice that the work tends to take too long, remind the service provider of the deadlines agreed upon. This is why it would be wise to add a clause about a contractual penalty and compensatory interest to the contract.

Before signing the instrument of delivery and receipt after the completion of the work, you should make sure that completed work corresponds with what you wanted.

If the construction or repair work provided is of poor quality, you have the right to submit a complaint to the service provider within two years after paying for the service.

In the case of a sub-standard work, you can demand that the price of the service be decreased, the shortcomings fixed free of charge or a new service provided, if it does not cause unreasonable expenses or inconveniences for the service provider (taking into account, among other things, the value of the object and the nature of the shortcoming). The service provider is allowed to carry out a new job instead of fixing previous work if it complies with the terms of contract. In the case of a significant non-compliance with the terms of contract, you have the right to withdraw from the contract and demand a refund of payment for the service.

Write down your complaint, what and from who was ordered, the deadlines and whether they were adhered to. Describe the nature of the shortcoming in as much detail as you can, how and when it became apparent.

The vendor or service provider is obliged to answer the complaint within 15 days. The company has to organise an expert assessment if they do not agree to find a positive solution to your complaint.

Should the company not reply to your inquiry or you are not satisfied with their answer, you can turn to the Consumer Protection Board regarding construction and repair works only if the issue is related to the provision of services concerning movables. For example when you have ordered appliances, kitchen furniture, doors or windows to be installed into your home; the same holds if you have acquired appliances when buying an apartment (heating appliances, kitchen equipment etc.). You can turn to the Consumer Protection Board in the case of construction and repair works concerning an immovable, if the dispute is about non-compliance to contract terms, which has become evident within two years from the day of delivering the work to the consumer.

Should any construction related shortcomings become apparent, notify the company of these within two months after the acceptance of finished works. It is wise to get an independent expert opinion on the current state of construction or repair works in case the vendor refuses to fix their work and you have to find a new company who would finish the job that has been started. You can order construction expert assessment for the construction or repair works in question from any independent expert assessment agency. If construction related shortcomings concerning an immovable become evident, the contracting entity shall notify the contractor of the non-compliance of the work to contract terms within a reasonable time period after they became aware of or should have become aware of the non-compliance to contract terms.

  • The Consumer Protection Board cannot help you if the issue is a dispute between to private persons. In that case, you can only turn to the court for help.
  • The competences of the Consumer Protection Board do not include construction and repair works done on immovables that are treated as building within the framework of the Building Act.