Deposit packaging

Deposit-subjected packaging in Estonia includes plastic, glass and metal containers of water, soft drinks, beer and low-alcohol beverages.

When selling products with deposit packaging, the price tag and cheque should reflect the price of the product and the deposit for the package separately. For instance, 5.50 euros (selling price of the product) plus 0.10 euros (deposit of the deposit packaging).

The sum of the deposit is determined by a regulation from the Minister of the Environment. The deposit sum can be changed when at least a year has passed from the last modification to said sum.

These are the current deposit sums and markings:

Deposit marking Type of packaging Volume Deposit in euros
Non-refillable plastic package

Up to 0.5 l (incl. 0.5 l)

Non-refillable plastic package

Above 0.5 l (excl. 0.5 l)

Non-refillable metal package All volumes 0,10
Non-refillable glass package All volumes 0,10

Refillable glass package

All volumes 0,10

Refillable plastic package

All volumes 0,10

If the beverage packagings collection station of a store is closed or out of order, the store is required to accept a reasonable amount of deposit packagings from you in some other way, e.g. at the information point. A reasonable amount is something you can carry away on your own.

As a rule, the collection stations of beverage packagings in stores do not provide money for the packages. You can collect the money from the cashier at the shop by providing the cheque you received from the collection station. You also have the option to use this cheque to pay for goods at the store; the sum on the cheque will simply be taken off from your bill. Reverse vending machines provide you with a similar receipt that functions as the aforementioned cheque.

NB! You will not be refunded money for a deposit packaging if the packaging does not have a deposit marking or a bar code, or it has been damaged.