E-services are all kinds of services and operations that are conducted in electronic environments. These services can be offered by establishments, companies, organisations, individuals.

E-services make your life easier: for example, logging into an internet bank or the E-Tax Board enables you to carry out a lot of operations without standing in line to be serviced at an actual office.

E-services can be separated into vastly different groups: e.g. one-time information services, portals, long-term process-based proceeding services of documents and applications, services of e-democracy (voting, electing etc.), self-service environments.

In most cases, you will need an internet connection to use e-services (e.g. online banks, e-School, E-Tax Board). However, there are some solutions that do not inherently need the internet, you can use those through gaming platforms, interactive television features etc.

Estonia has an extensive network of e-service providers. Public e-services include e-School, the state portal, ID-ticket and e-services offered by state agencies (e.g. the E-Tax Board). E-services of companies are offered by banks, telecommunications carriers, and various general service providers.

In order to use these services in a more secure manner, many of them have an option of logging in with an ID-card or mobile-ID.