There are many ways to spend one’s free time. One option is to attend various events, including concerts, music festivals and theatre productions.

The organiser is required to include in the information published about the event the time at which it will be possible to enter the location of the event. They also have to disclose information about the starting time, location and performer(s).

Read through the terms and conditions of the contract carefully. The terms and conditions are included on the organiser’s webpage, tickets of the event, advertisement posters. For example, it is prohibited to bring along your own food and drinks to many entertainment events. The terms and conditions may also state that taking photographs during the event is not allowed.

If the event in question is a lengthier one (e.g. it lasts for an entire day), find out whether you are allowed to return to the premises of the event after leaving for a while. This is usually possible when you have been given a wristband instead of a ticket.

It may occur that the event you have purchased a ticket for is cancelled. In the case of a concert, it may also occur that the advertised performer cannot attend the concert and someone will perform instead of them. In that case, the organiser of the event has to offer you a chance to obtain a free ticket to a similar event (e.g. theatre production on a different date) or refund your ticket.

In order to get a refund of the ticket, contact the event organiser first and send them a written application with your request. You have the right to turn to the Consumer Protection Board for help if the organiser fails to reply within 15 days or does not agree to refund the ticket.

If you did not buy the ticket straight from the organiser, but from a ticket vendor instead, then in the case of a cancelled event, you have the right to file a complaint to both the organiser and the ticket vendor.

  • Research the organiser’s background before buying a ticket.
  • Wait until detailed information has been disclosed about the event before purchasing your ticket. For example, when an organiser is advertising a music festival without disclosing the names of performers early on, you may end up regretting an overly hasty ticket purchase, however, it is very difficult to justify your expectations retrospectively and argue with the organiser in order to get a refund of your ticket.
  • In the case of a big event, make sure you arrive at the event location a bit earlier so that you do not have to get stuck with the crowd at the entrance and can thereby avoid being late.