Insurance disputes

Insurance matters may bring about disputes; you should be active in solving these disputes.

In the case of disagreements, you should contact a representative of the insurance undertaking and try to solve the problem with negotiations. It is recommended to formalise your claim in written form.

Regardless of the fact that the insurer is required to make their decision within the period established by law or by the contract, they should reply to you within 15 days.

If you do not agree with the insurer’s decision and the negotiations do not lead to an agreement either but you are convinced that your actions have been correct, take your motor insurance related disputes to the Traffic Insurance Conciliation Body, in the case of other insurance disputes, turn to the Insurance Conciliation Body or the Consumer Disputes Committee of the Consumer Protection Board.

The Insurance Conciliation Body, which operates alongside the Estonian Insurance Association, solves disputes that arise from insurance contracts, mediating those, or preparing contracts. Resolution of a dispute by means of conciliation with the help of an insurance conciliator is free of charge. The costs of the conciliation process are covered by the insurance association. The Conciliation Body normally processes your dispute within two months.

The Conciliation Body does not make the final decision. Conciliation will conclude once the parties have reached a mutual agreement or with the conciliator’s decision to end conciliation.

The Consumer Complaints Committee is an independent institution which settles disputes between consumers and vendors, including insurers. The Committee is made up of a chairman and the representatives of business organisations, specialised associations and the Consumer Protection Board, as members.

The Committee shall make a decision within five working days as of the day of hearing a complaint. If you do not agree with the decision of the Committee, you may turn to the county court with the same complaint. The other Party has a right to do the same.

  • The insurer is required to notify you of the reimbursement decision after claims handling has been finished, regardless of whether the decision was positive or negative from your point of view.
  • Unlike agreements that have been reached in an Insurance Conciliation Body, the decision of the Consumer Disputes Committee of the Consumer Protection Board is not binding for the Parties.
  • Keep in mind that when turning to the court, you are required to pay state fees. Additionally, trials are time-consuming and may bring about additional expenses.