Internet service

Most people in Estonia have a computer and internet access at home. In order to use an internet service, you have to sign a contract with a service provider. You can choose whether to use a fixed internet connection or mobile internet. You should base your choice on how you wish to use internet at home – sitting behind a desktop computer, or moving about with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Before selecting a service provider and package, consider the following aspects.

Do you need internet at home or in different areas, incl. foreign countries? Internet connection is not of equally high quality everywhere, it may not function in some places.

Do you need internet for more than one device? Ask for a suitable solution from the service provider if you need to use internet on your desktop computer, laptop and smartphone (or some other combination).

Compare the prices and conditions of at least two or three service providers. Remember that for some packages, you will have to buy or rent a necessary device (modem, router etc.). Ask for more information about additional devices from the service provider. In terms of contract terms and conditions, pay extra attention to points that concern payment conditions and withdrawal from contract. If you have any questions, turn to the customer service personnel.

If you wish to change your service provider, go over your existing contract and determine whether ending a contract will bring about any sanctions. Although the offer of a new company may seem appealing, make sure that you are choosing the right option for yourself prior to making the final decision.

  • Internet service providers often offer package solutions. This means that you can sign up for internet, mobile and digital television services with a single contract. Although this kind of a solution can be very convenient, you should consider whether it is best suited for you.
  • Sometimes internet service providers offer a device for free if you sign up for their services. Remember that by signing a contract you are tying yourself to the service provider for a fixed period of time at a fixed monthly payment. When terminating a contract early, you should take into consideration that the service provider has the right to demand a fee (handling fee/contractual penalty) for early contract termination from you. It would be wise to determine this sum before signing the contract.
  • If you have received the offer via phone or other means of communication, you have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after agreeing to it (except in the case of services that you have started to use before the withdrawal deadline on your own accord or which have been started with your permission).