Mobile connection

Nowadays most people own a mobile phone. There are two ways to use it to make phone calls:

  • sign a contract with a mobile network operator or 
  • purchase a phone card

If you choose to get a phone card, you will be paying for the service before using it. However, you should pay attention to what price per minute applies to a certain phone card. You should also get acquainted with the conditions of adding telephone minutes to the card.

A phone card is a wise choice if you use your phone sparingly and to answer calls in most cases. It is also beneficial to use a phone card if you usually use a foreign number but come to Estonia now and then.

Signing a contract with a mobile network operator is reasonable if you make calls every day. However, you should be careful when selecting an operator as every service provider offers different packages and services.

Prior to signing a contract with a mobile network operator, you should do the following:

  • Compare prices. Different service providers have different prices for calls within the same network, between different networks, to landline phones and for messages and other services. It is also important whether the price of a call is calculated based on seconds or minutes. Make sure you understand the pricing of volume-based services, e.g. using the internet.
  • Enquire about reception. Although most mobile network operators claim to have the best reception coverage, make sure that there will be reception in your main place of activity before signing a contract.
  • Go over the terms and conditions of a contract prior to signing it. Pay extra attention to the duration of the contract, payment dates and sanctions in case you fail to adhere to the contract. If something remains unclear in the contract, ask for clarification from a customer service representative.
  • Compare contract terms and conditions. Before choosing one offer, compare the contract terms and conditions of at least two service providers.
  • Make sure you know how to end a contract. Find out how it is possible to withdraw from a contract and whether this will bring about additional expenses for you.

If you wish to change your operator, go over your existing contract and determine whether ending a contract will bring about any sanctions. Although the offer of a new operator may seem appealing, make sure that you are choosing the right option for yourself prior to making the final decision.

  • If you have received the offer via phone or other means of communication, you have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after agreeing to it (except in the case of services that you have started to use before the withdrawal deadline on your own accord or which have been started with your permission).
  • Mobile network operators often offer a free phone to new clients who sign a contract with them. Remember that by signing a contract you are tying yourself to the service provider for a fixed period of time at a fixed monthly payment. When choosing to end the contract early, remember that you still have to pay a certain sum for the phone you have received.