Periodical content services

Periodical content services are services that have a weekly or monthly fee, and which offer new mobile content (e.g. ringtones, background photos, horoscopes etc.) to its members periodically (e.g. once a week).

Quizzes that are offered for a charge are one-time services, yet they may lead to a huge bill within a month.

In addition to advertisements of entertainment oriented content services in various media channels, advertising various web-based games, tests and prize draws (IQ tests, fortune telling, event tickets, gift cards, mobile phones etc.) is also common on internet portals.

If you have to enter your phone number to participate in a prize draw or take a test, it is likely an advertisement for a periodical content service or other similar service. After entering your phone number, you will receive a code via SMS. Once you enter the code to the programme, you have automatically signed up for a charged service. In order to avoid signing up for a charged content service unknowingly, you should keep the following things in mind.

Prior to using a periodical content service 

  • find the conditions of use of the service and read them carefully;
  • pay extra attention to whether you have to pay for the ordered service once or will a fixed sum be added to your phone bill after certain periods;
  • remember that you will pay for all answers (even the incorrect ones) during a charged quiz.

If you have unknowingly signed up for a content service, turn to your operator company and explain who were involved in signing up and when was it done. The service might have been ordered by your friend, child or any other family member.

You do not have a right to refuse paying the bill you have received if the signing of the contract is verified via call records. This applies if the conditions of service and information about signing up were visible to the consumer at the time of ordering the service.

In order to withdraw from an undesired periodical content service, you should cancel your member status immediately. This usually requires that you send a text message with the word “Stop” to the same number from which the service was ordered. NB! Make sure whether STOP has to be written with a single or double P (according to what the telecommunications operator has established).

  • Be careful about entering your phone number or codes sent to it in various prize draws and games.
  • You should be suspicious when the web pages or advertisements do not include clear information concerning signing up for the service.
  • Information on the final price of the service is often marked in very small writing and can therefore go unnoticed.
  • If you find your phone bill to be inexplicably large, contact your service provider immediately. A written application is best in this case.
  • The service provider is required to issue a report to you about the time and volume of your use of said service.