Property maintenance

One should keep their property in order. Regular maintenance of your home and its technical systems (water supply, sewage, electrical wiring, ventilation and heating systems, heating station) will help minimise construction and repair costs.

The technical maintenance of buildings and their technical systems is necessary to conserve buildings that are part of the property. Technical maintenance can be preventative or emergency maintenance.

Preventative maintenance (e.g. regular cleaning of water and heating filters, settlement gullies) decreases the likelihood of disruptions/malfunctions. The goal of emergency maintenance is to liquidate the emergency and/or its consequences.

Maintenance work includes keeping the property in order, cleaning the outer surfaces and indoor spaces of buildings (e.g. removing snow and ice, de-icing, cleaning the windows and roofs of buildings). 

If you own a private house, you likely take on most of the maintenance work related to the house yourself. However, time constraints and lack of necessary skills or knowhow can make it impossible to do all the jobs yourself. In this case, you should hire a property maintainer.

A property maintainer is a specialist who provides or organises maintenance services; they can be a sole proprietor or a certified employee of a legal entity (maintenance company).

If you are planning to purchase maintenance services, keep the following in mind:
  • The standard of real estate maintenance includes descriptions of four types of maintenance works. Real estate objects differ greatly and so do the wishes of real estate owners concerning real estate maintenance, therefore, every agreement/contract signed for real estate maintenance should include a detailed description of the works.
  • One should find a trustworthy and knowledgeable consultant for property maintenance.  The real estate specialist should be a legal or private person, who has at least 3 years of experience working in the real estate field, the corresponding professional education or a document that proves their competences.