Reisiostja õigused

Even thorough preliminary work does not protect a travel buyer from all potential problems. The time of the departing flight may change, the price of the trip be altered, and everything at the travel destination may not comply with what has been agreed upon in advance. Additionally, the Estonian tourism market has been troubled by insolvencies of travel companies in recent years.  Consumers can manage risks with the help of travel insurance, however, the best solution in a critical situation is still thorough knowledge of your rights.

In this section you can find information about your rights in the following situations:

  • the departing flight of a holiday package is delayed or cancelled,
  • travel company increases the price of the holiday package,
  • the trip does not comply with the conditions agreed upon.

Submitting a complaint

The complaint should be filed to the company from whom you purchased the trip, and it should be done as soon as any problems become apparent.  If it is not possible to file a complaint during your travels, do it immediately after returning from the trip. You complaint should include the following:

  • what service you ordered and which company you used;
  • what where the contract terms and conditions and whether those were followed;
  • what kind of shortcomings or problems arose, the occurrence date and nature of said issues;
  • what kind of a solution you would like (e.g. compensation for damages). 

File a complaint to the Consumer Protection Board if you have not received a reply to the written complaint you sent to the travel company, or if you are not satisfied with the solution that the company is offering.

Individual travel services are services that consumers cannot buy as a package, but only individually from a website or a travel entrepreneur (e.g. airplane or ship tickets, accommodation only).