Renting a home

In order to find a suitable rental, browse advertisements on real estate portals and ask information from your friends and acquaintances.

Take into account that many property owners use the help of real estate brokers to rent out their apartments. In this case, a commission fee, which is paid to the broker and which, similarly to the deposit, is generally up to a month’s rent, will accompany the rent sum and deposit that have to be paid when entering into the lease contract. In Estonia, it is generally agreed that the lessee will cover the commission fee.

Make sure that the lessor is the owner of the rented property or that they have the owner’s authorization to rent the property.

Regardless of whether you are planning to rent the property from a friend or acquaintance, you should definitely sign a written lease contract. The lease contract can concluded verbally as well, however, that makes it difficult to prove what has been agreed upon should any dispute arise.

The lease contract has to include:

  • description of the object (incl. the detailed list of furnishings);
  • rent price and procedure of payment;
  • calculation and procedure of payment of accessory expenses (utilities);
  • term of contract and procedure of contract termination (incl. premature termination);
  • your and the lessor’s rights and obligations;
  • obligation of maintaining and returning furnishings (furniture, appliances).

The lease contract does not have to be approved or confirmed anywhere else if the lessor is also a private person.

If you have signed an indefinite lease contract, the lessor has the right to change the rent price in every six months by notifying you in written form at least 30 days in advance.

If you have entered into a fixed-term contract, the lessor has the right to increase the rent only once a year, provided that it is a three-year contract and the extent of the increase in rent and the calculating method have been clearly indicated in the contract.

If a dispute concerning the lease contract arises between you and the lessor, you both have a right to turn to a lease committee or the court. The local government will establish the lease committee.