Rights of train passengers

Every day millions of people travel by train in Europe. It is considered important in the European Union (EU) to ensure that people could travel safely and comfortably. In December, 2009, Estonia implemented the EU regulation that established uniform rights for train passengers in the EU in order to protect passengers and manage risks.

  • You have the right to receive information about the arrival or departure of trains as soon as possible and the railway undertaking or station manager should notify you of estimated departure and arrival times as soon as those are known. The railway company is also required to notify you of the next stop during the trip.
    Before the trip, the railway company is required to give you information on issuing tickets, booking and discounts concerning ticket prices. The railway company is also required to notify you of the general conditions of contract of carriage that are included in the carriage of passengers regulation.
    At least one of these channels should be available for purchasing tickets.
       - ticket stand,
       - automatic ticket machine,
       - internet, phone or some other form of technology,
       - train.
  • Should a train journey be cancelled or halted, the railway company is required to get you to your planned destination as quickly as possible by using some other route.
  • Should your luggage get damage or lost, the railway company is held responsible for the damage you have incurred if the luggage was registered. The carrier is also held responsible if hand luggage got lost or damaged in the case of a passenger's death or injuries.
  • You have the right to file a complaint to the railway company if your train journey is delayed or cancelled. If you do not succeed in solving the problem that way, turn to the Consumer Protection Board.
  • In the case of a death or injury resulting from a rail accident, you or your relatives have the right to demand compensation from the railway company to cover the costs and damages incurred in relation to death or bodily injuries. The advance payment has to be made within 15 days after determining a natural person who has right to compensation and it should cover your or your dependents' essential needs.
  • If your mobility has been restricted due to a disability or injury, you have the right to buy and order train tickets without an extra fee. Upon request, a railway undertaking shall provide disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility with information on the accessibility of rail services and on the access conditions of rolling stock.