When using travel services, consumers usually have to make advance payments in considerable sums, and they often buy the services of foreign companies. Therefore, travelling is a field where consumers should be extra attentive when choosing a service provider – finding a trustworthy company can save you from a lot of potential distress and financial losses. This concerns individual flight travels and travelling by ship as well as holiday packages that comprise various services.

Prior to purchasing travelling services

  • Gather thorough information about the service and think about whether it matches your needs and wishes.
  • Ask for confirmation about the final price of the service.
  • Carry out background research regarding the service provider: look for information online, browse forums for reviews from previous customers. If you are planning to purchase a holiday package from a tour operator or travel agency that is operating in Estonia, be sure to check the black list of travel companies of the Consumer Protection Board and check the company’s registration and security at the Register of Economic Activities. If something remains unclear or you wish to receive additional information, send your enquiries to info [at] tarbijakaitseamet [dot] ee or call +372 6 201 707.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the service. Please pay attention to the following:
    • withdrawal conditions and
    • procedure for solving complaints.
  • Make sure you have the contact information for when questions concerning the service may arise.

Keep all documents related to purchasing the service and take copies of them along on your trip just in case.

Should you run into problems with a service during your travels, turn to the service provider as soon as possible and try to find a suitable solution by cooperating with the company. If you do not reach an agreement, contact the Consumer Protection Board.

ECC-Net or the network of EU Consumer Centres has an app about traveller’s rights, which provides you information about your rights in typical situations (e.g. shopping, renting a car, booking a hotel room). It also has useful expressions in the local language of your travel destination. Additionally, the app enables you to quickly find contact information of local embassies and consumer protection centres.

The application is also available in Estonian and it can be downloaded here.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises you to register your stay abroad before leaving. That way the consul can contact you without delay and offer consular assistance should a crisis situation (a natural disaster or a terrorist attack) arise in your location country. You can register on the homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or via the„Travel wisely“ application.
List of tips for a successful trip by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.