Universal services

To abstract water from the public water supply and discharge of wastewater to the public sewerage system, you have to enter into a subscription contract with a water undertaking.

You have to submit an application for connection to the water undertaking in whose licensed territory your registered immovable is located. The water undertaking, as the owner or possessor of the public water supply and sewerage system, has the right to collect from you connection charges; the methodology for calculating connection charges will be established by the Competition Authority.

You will be responsible for the maintenance of the water supply and sewerage system on your registered immovable.

To join a gas network, you and a gas seller must agree on conditions for connection to the network and enter into a contract of connection to a gas network and a contract of purchase and sale of natural gas. The terms and conditions of a contract can be read and a contract can be concluded in all customer service offices of undertakings selling gas in your area of residence.

The seller generally designs and builds a gas pipeline based on the concluded contract up to the connection point, which is a valve device at your property line. You are responsible for designing and building a gas pipeline at your own expense starting from the connection point and for installing gas appliances.


Local governments with less than 1500 persons living in their administrative territory do not have the obligation to arrange an organised waste transport competition. If there is no organized waste transport in your area of residence, you have to choose a waste transport operator yourself or transport your waste to a landfill or a waste collection station.

Local governments with more than 1500 persons living in their administrative territory have the obligation to arrange an organised waste transport competition in their territory by specifying waste transport areas and establishing limits of charges.

If you live in a territory with an established waste transport, you are automatically considered subscribed to the waste transport of the area, based on the Waste Act. Thus, you are not required to conclude a written contract with the waste operator, yet it is advised in order to avoid potential misunderstandings. If you live in an apartment building with an apartment association, the contract will be concluded by the association.

Organised waste transport applies to municipal waste that consists of mixed municipal waste, paper and cardboard, biodegradable kitchen and food waste, and bulky waste.

You have to collect waste separately. You have to collect waste paper and paperboard, glass, plastic and metal tare, packaging and municipal waste, and bulky waste separately.

You can exchange the packaging of soft alcoholic drinks, beer and soft drinks for money.

You have to be able to transfer waste of electrical and electronic equipment and parts thereof, end-of-life vehicles and parts thereof, tyres and batteries, and accumulators free of charge.

You can transfer used electronics to the shop free of charge if you buy new equipment from the same seller. Please note the free of charge exchange policy only applies to equipment of the same type and purpose. Used electronics cannot be returned to an e-shop, yet the e-shop must specify the location of an electronics collection facility. 

You also have to option of transferring used household machines to a collection facility or a waste collection station of the town or municipality, as well as take batteries and accumulators to specific containers in shops.

  • The Consumer Protection Board cannot help you with waste transport issues. A waste transfer contract is not a consumer contract as it is concluded with the owner of a registered immovable and the waste transfer service is a services provided for the immovable.
  • Organising waste handling is the task of a local government. For more information on waste transport in your place of residence and for resolving issues please see your local environmental specialist.


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