European Consumer and Competition Day will focus on shifts in technologies and consumer behaviour

The European Consumer and Competition Day, which takes place today in Tallinn, will address changes in consumer and business environments. Discussions will focus mainly on the increasing expectations of generation Z consumers and the preparedness of entrepreneurs to meet these expectations. 
Different experts in the field, both from traditional and sharing economy, and representatives of consumers and the public sector, will be speaking at the conference and explaining the changes and challenges taking place in consumer and business environments. 
The digital single market and radical changes in consumer environment highlight the cooperation between the private and public sector, which should be approached in a broader sense than just within our own borders. “Sustainable business success is built on trust, the cultivation of which all market participants are tasked with. Innovation and technical solutions without trust from users become things of the past very soon or, in a more positive scenario, are left waiting for their time for many years,” commented Director General of the Estonian Consumer Protection Board Andres Sooniste. 
“Inflexibility on the legislative level must not hinder the implementation of new technologies and new entrants to the market must not be administratively restricted. However, the prerequisite of economic freedom is that entrepreneurs and members of society follow the rules of competition and regulate themselves,” added Director General of the Estonian Competition Authority Märt Ots.
The conference is organised by The Estonian Consumer Protection Board and the Estonian Competition Authority.